Don’t listen to them,
they don’t know
what they’re talking about.

They don’t know you,
what you’ve done,
where you’re going,
where you’ve been.

They only know
what they can see,
what they can touch,
with their own two hands.

Seeing is believing,
as they say.

Pay no attention at all
to the wasted words
of those bitter souls
who would throw around the word


a final request

Do not bury me
next to my final lover.

By then,
I’ll have earned my peace,
and will not stand
for the idle chatter
and inane bickering
that she would provide
throughout eternity.

I say this to you,
but it’s quite moot,
as you’ll never find
where I’ll bury her.


random acts of violence

I was working
as a bouncer
a while back,
and was asked
to remove
an unruly little shit,
who just so happened
to have the jawline
and chiseled visage
of a Hollywood star.

It’s almost sad
to think that
the kindest thing
I’ve ever done
was punch
some random jerk-off
in the gut,
instead of the face.

I didn’t do it
to be nice to him,
I did it
as a favor
to you.


sleight of hand

the liquor store clerk
greeted me
with a loud hello,
asked me how I’ve been,
as if he hadn’t seen me
in a great while.

I bought
the same bottle
I always buy,
three times a week,
cheap shit,
and silently wondered
if he had me confused
with someone else.

he keeps his mouth shut,
rings me up,
and I go about my business.

As I left the store,
I glanced around
for a robber,
something to explain the clerk
acting so out of character.

I glanced down
at my receipt,
and noticed
the price of my bottle
was up four bucks
from last week.

As a clerk,
he’s jack shit,
but he’s a
damned fine magician.


speak american

One day,
America will fall.
All nations fall
sooner or later,
and those of us
lucky enough
to survive
into the occupation
will be ridiculed
as we clumsily butcher
the native tongue
of our conquerors,
(China? Aliens?)
and those of us
who can’t
or won’t
try to speak it
will be held up as examples,
outsiders and freeloaders,
derided as
abusers of the system.
Mexico will laugh
that cartoonish fiesta laugh,
and irony
is a language
we can finally


this too, shall pass

I’m not one
to dwell
on the past.

It doesn’t do any good
to pine away
for the glory days,
nor am I one of the
shit-grinned optimists,
the ones
who all tattoo

“this too, shall pass”

near a scar.

the same
as yesterday,
as tomorrow,


the answer comes before the question

I’m don’t believe

that I’m smarter than you.

I’m not better than you,

only different.

We were given

the same question,

with far too many variables,

and came up with

vastly different conclusions,

as would be expected.

The main difference,

in our respective cases,

is that when

another piece of the puzzle

presents itself,

I will endeavor

to see the rest of the puzzle,

and you will still see


what you wanted to see.