hindsight is twenty/twenty

I pulled a beer
out of the mini-fridge,
and held it for a few seconds
before deciding whether to drink it,
or just use it to cool down
all of the nicks and cuts on my hands
after a long week’s work.
I went with option A,
and pondered as to why
I didn’t finish school.
I looked down at the beer,
and remembered.


the architect

You have to do this by yourself.
You’re gonna have some help along the way,
parents, teachers, friends, lovers,
they’re just prodding you in (hopefully) the right direction.
Yours is the only life at stake, here.
There will be no divine intervention.
There is no second set of footprints in the sand,
there is only you,
and an outdated blueprint,
pending final approval from the architect.


power 98

Alright, alright, this is Power 98,
bringing you all the greatest hits
of the sixties, seventies, and eighties,
Yeah, Power 98,
home of the no-repeat workday,
because no one ever shot up a Post Office
to the sweet, sweet sounds of Billy Joel
and Huey Lewis and The News.
Power 98,
Bringing the soundtrack
to your own personal Hell.
Up next, Gordon Lightfoot.


the alchemist

Three hundred years ago,
I’d be burned at the stake
for witchcraft.

I’d be led out
in front of God
and country,
bound and blindfolded,
and set ablaze,
as a bright
and shining example
of how to avoid damnation.

I’m just a fucking welder.

fusing two pieces of steel
into one
gets you
nine bucks per hour
and skin cancer.

I am the Alchemist,
and they ask me
to sleep
upon straw.

I acquiesce,
as straw
is softer
than gold.


no, thank you.

I told her
I neither had,
nor wanted children,
and she told me
I was crazy,
I was missing out
on the better things in life.

I looked down
at my wallet,
it was full.

I looked at the counter,
it was fully stocked
with bottles of better booze,
good cigars,
pictures of girls I’ve loved,
some I had just met,
and a small collection
of lesser-grade explosives.

At the far end
of the counter
was an alarm clock,
ten years old,
still in the box.